Farm Visits

Closed until March 2nd, 2024.

 Sweet Valley Ranch is enjoyable for the entire family. Just walking around the farm
and interacting with our animals will put a smile on your face. Guests can purchase a small bag
of treats to give our animals as they tour our farm. Your family can spend the day at the farm for
only $10 for adults and $7 for children (Sunday-Saturday). We have over 350 animals, inflatables,
a playground, animal feeding, and a walking trail. You can rent a golf cart, and catch & release
fishing ($10 adults, $5 children fishing rod. included). Many of our animals are for sale and can
be purchased during your visit.

Low Sensory Day

Closed until March 2nd, 2024.

In an effort to make Sweet Valley Ranch more inclusive for children and adults that have sensory
processing disorders, we will have a “Low Sensory Day” every Wednesday from 10 am until 2
pm. There will be no loud music or PA announcements played throughout the farm. Loud
equipment used during normal farming (tractors, backhoes, go-karts, ATVs, etc.) operations will
be at a minimum. Water fountains in the three ponds and the reptile house will not be
operational. Animatronic dinosaurs and ice-age animals will have no sound (only movement).
None of our attraction elements will use bright lights. Earplugs will be provided at no charge.

Golf Cart rentals are done at the farm only.
Golf Cart drivers must be 16 years old.

Golf Cart rental fees are as follows:

4-Seater-$25 1st hr and $15 each additional hr

6 Seater-$35 1st hr and $25 each additional hr

9-Seater $50 1st hr and $40 each additional hr

Hills & Thrills